We hebben natuurlijk niet alles vast kunnen leggen, maar onderstaande case studies geven een goed beeld hoe onze aanpak is toegepast bij uiteenlopende organisaties.

Morguard: Sustainably Developing the Real Estate Industry

Morguard, one of Canada's largest integrated real estate companies, recognized the value of integrating sustainability into their operations for not only the social and ecological benefits but for the Morguard, one of Canada’s largest integrated real estate companies, recognized the value of integrating sustainability into their operations for not only the social and ecological benefits but for the economic advantage gained through differentiating themselves amongst their competitors. Lees meer

Interface and The Natural Step: how to implement a sustainability revolution

Interface, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of modular carpet. In 1994, Interface Founder Ray Anderson challenged his co-workers to pursue a bold new vision: "Be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits – and in doing so, become restorative through the power of influence." Lees meer

Alcan: Clean solutions for today and tomorrow

Committed to sustainability and increasingly reliant on projects based in lesser-industrialized countries, Alcan’s Bauxite & Alumina (B&A) division saw an opportunity to develop a sustainability vision that brought social and environmental concerns even more into focus for the business. Lees meer

Beckers Industrial Coatings

We have worked with Beckers since 2008 to integrate sustainability principles into company thinking and practice. The collaboration started with engagement of the leadership team, Climate Analysis and product assessment using the Sustainability Life Cycle Assessment method. More recently we have been working together on sustainability programme development. Lees meer

VinylPlus – the European PVC industry’s voluntary commitment to sustainable development

On 22 June 2011, the European Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) industry launched VinylPlus – a new voluntary commitment to enhance the sustainable production and use of PVC by 2020. It's no secret that PVC is a controversial material that has both critics and supporters, so when an entire industry consortium mobilises around a voluntary commitment such as this, it is surely a positive sign that sustainable development is being taken seriously in the board rooms of major corporations. Lees meer

The Sustainable Twin Ports Early Adopter Project: Duluth Transit Authority 2009 Case Study Report

In 2009, the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) underwent a visioning and training session provided by The Natural Step Canada to help advance their sustainability program in conjunction with the vision of The Sustainable Twin Ports plan. As the public transit provider for the cities of Duluth, Hermantown, and Proctor, Minnesota, as well as Superior, Wisconsin, the DTA is responsible for serving the mobility needs of approximately 120,000 residents and visitors in the Twin Ports area. Lees meer

BECCS – Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage

The Natural Step has conducted a baseline assessment of BECCS technology using the The Natural Step Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development and its underlying scientific sustainability principles.The assessment is conducted from the perspective of asking does the technology have a role in a sustainable society or act as a stepping stone to get us there? Lees meer

Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax)

The Saskatchewan Flax Development Commission (SaskFlax) is a producer organization that represents more than 15,000 flax producers in Saskatchewan. The Commission invests in research, advocacy, communications, and market development activities to improve flax management, increase farmers’ revenue, and further develop the flax industry in the province. Lees meer

Low fat carbon in the South of New Zealand

Serra Natural Foods is a New Zealand based manufacturer of organic dairy products with an established presence across New Zealand and Australia and a growing market share in Canada and the United States. The company has found great value in using The Natural Step Framework to guide its brand image and business strategy. Lees meer

Pilot of Community Sustainability Planning Course an Overwhelming Success

The first edition of The Natural Step Canada’s Community Sustainability Planning course has now come to a successful close. Throughout the five-month program, 23 participants from across Canada and one from the Unites States participated in a series of online seminars and in-person workshops to receive in- depth training in the development of integrated community sustainability plans (ICSPs) grounded in the backcasting approach of The Natural Step Framework. Lees meer

Commitment to Sustainability Drives Rapid Change at ISL

ISL Engineering and Land Services (ISL) roared into 2010 like a lion. In January of this year, the organization partnered with The Natural Step Canada to complete an organizational readiness assessment and develop a draft vision for a ‘Sustainable ISL’. This was coupled with the development of a road map to engage internal and external stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to reach the vision. Lees meer

Greening Ottawa NGOs–Take 2

A total of 28 participants from 18 non-government organizations (NGOs) around Ottawa, representing social, environmental, planning, and health sectors, are taking concrete steps to “green” their NGOs by learning how to implement The Natural Step Framework. Building on the design piloted in 2009, these in- person engagements provide participants the opportunity to network and foster relationships with other local NGOs; to share experiences with and receive feedback from like-minded colleagues; and to navigate new processes and tools with guidance from sustainability advisors in a hands-on setting. Lees meer

Communities in Newfoundland Planning Strategically

Communities in Newfoundland are very interested in creating integrated community sustainability plans (ICSPs), but have found the challenge of putting them together and the cost of training prohibitive in meeting that goal. These communities care deeply about sustainability, but have not been able to pursue that interest–until no Lees meer

Town of Markham leading Golden Triangle Region toward Sustainability

40 council members and senior staff from the Town of Markham, the most diverse and one of the fastest growing communities in Canada, engaged in sustainability training facilitated by The Natural Step’s John Purkis and Mike Purcell. The Town of Markham is known for their work on sustainability, and staff and councilors continue to explore new ways to further integrate sustainability into their operations, programs, and services, such as our sustainability leadership training. Lees meer

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, USA

"Empowered by Christ's love, Gloria Dei reaches out as an inclusive, welcoming church through worship and social action." Its membership of approximately 310 exhibit diversity in age, gender, race, sexual orientation and economic background, and are served by one full-time pastor and eight part-time staff. In addition to welcoming all people in weekly worship and participation, Gloria Dei is committed to reaching out in service to its Central Hillside neighborhood and beyond. Lees meer

Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC)

Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation (CCOC) is a private non-profit housing organization that owns and operates 48 buildings around Ottawa providing over 2,000 residents with affordable housing. Their mission is to create, maintain and promote housing for low and moderate income people. In 2008, CCOC received a grant to undertake an education campaign on behaviour change to promote sustainability and achieve measurable greenhouse gas emissions reductions. Lees meer

A “Golden Standard” develops from collaboration in Dublin

In January 2008, Dublin City Council (DCC) began working with RealEyes Sustainability Ltd. and The Natural Step to move toward strategic, organisational sustainability using The Natural Step Framework. In November 2008, Dublin City Council kicked-off its new “Sustainable Dublin” effort with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt, founder of The Natural Step, providing inspiration through the keynote address. To date, the City of Dublin has already made significant strides with strategies to improve energy efficiency, waste management and protect biodiversity. Lees meer

College Campuses Become Climate Neutral Learning-Laboratories

“We may only have 3% of the carbon footprint, but we have 100% of the education footprint.” These are the words of Michael Crow, Presidents of Arizona State University and co-chair of the steering committee of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment (ACUPCC). Over 650 schools, which educate more than 5.5 million students, have made a pledge to integrate sustainability into the educational experience of all students, and eliminate net greenhouse gas emissions from campus operations. Lees meer

National Capital Region is Choosing their Future

“Choosing our Future” has been under development since 2004 and was launched internally among the three lead partners in 2008 and publicly in May 2009. It will ultimately produce three main deliverables: a sustainability plan, community energy plan, and emergency and disaster response plan for the region. Lees meer

GONGOS: Greening Ottawa NGO’s

Participants from 25 Ottawa-based NGOs attended the second workshop of GONGOS: Greening Ottawa NGOs. This workshop focused on developing a sustainability vision and conducting a baseline sustainability assessment for their organizations. The 2009 cohort of organizations includes the Canadian Red Cross Society, the United Way, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, the Ottawa Folk Festival, Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation, and Independent Living Canada. Lees meer

Edmonton Airports Authority Adopts Sustainability

Edmonton Airports Authority recently adopted “Sustainability” as one of its core values and the organization is committed to translating this into on-the-ground actions and results. To support this commitment, Edmonton Airports has begun working with The Natural Step to develop its sustainability vision and build a roadmap that outlines the journey ahead. Lees meer

Town of Caledon, Ontario striving toward sustainability

The Town of Caledon, Ontario is truly a leader in sustainability. In 2003, the town was a co-recipient of the “the Greenest Town in Ontario” award for their progressive movement, and extensive list of initiative taken toward sustainability. These initiatives include: excellent countryside planning, the Healthy Horticultural Landscapes Bylaw, strong community involvement, membership in the Partners for Climate Protection Program and extensive waste diversion programs. Lees meer

Building Toward Sustainability, Literally

The Landmark Group of Builders is a residential construction company further comprised of seven individual companies with offices in Edmonton, Red Deer, and Calgary. In the fall of 2008, in collaboration with The Natural Step, Landmark embarked on a journey to identify their key sustainability challenges, key innovation goals to overcome those challenges, and to develop a road map for embedding sustainability into their business. Lees meer

TNS in Hawaii: opening minds in a closed system

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, and far from other land masses, the island of Hawaii is by design, a perfect living laboratory in which to practice the science of sustainability. This system is disturbed by their heavy reliance on the importation of fuel and food, posing a unique sustainability challenge for the island community: what if the boat stops coming? Lees meer

National Film Board, Canada

The National Film Board is a federal agency with a mandate to produce and distribute distinct and challenging Canadian films at an international level. From April to October 2008, The Natural Step helped NFB create an institutional framework for sustainability. The Natural Step worked with the NFB’s Green Committee to undertake a systematic analysis of NFB operations, create a vision for a sustainable NFB, and a set of strategic actions to help the organization achieve its vision. Lees meer

Working with Emerging Leaders at the University of Western Ontario

The Natural Step partnered with the University of Western Ontario’s Masters in Environment and Sustainability program to provide sustainability training to students in preparation for their spring 2009 consulting course. The TNS training and coaching allowed students to develop expertise on sustainability planning and the TNS Framework and gave them real-life experience in acting as a sustainability change agent within an organization. Lees meer

iNova Credit Union, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Originally founded by postal employees in 1936, iNova Credit Union has provided financial services to the residents of Halifax, Nova Scotia for over 70 years. The company became a partner of the Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI) in 2007, and committed to take action on sustainability using The Natural Step Framework. All staff were trained in strategic sustainability planning, and they worked together to perform a baseline analysis of their work to date. Lees meer

ICI Paints

ICI Paints is an international organisation that specializes in paint and packaging coatings for food and beverage cans. As of 2009, the company is a part of Akzo Nobel, the biggest global coatings manufacturer in the world and a major supplier of specialty chemicals. Lees meer

Building towards sustainability with Pôle Sem Sud

Pôle Sem Sud is a privately and publicly owned organisation managing over 6,000 flats and offices in Marseille and its surroundings. Early 2007, the manager decided that the organisation of about 200 employees needed to formally move towards sustainability, going further than the independent and irregular good ideas and actions. Lees meer

Valtellina: a “Learning Valley” Towards Sustainability, Italy

Valtellina, one of the most important tourist destinations in Northern Italy, is home to about 175,000 people in a valley of the Italian Alps near the Swiss border. After one and a half years of intensive capacity building, Valtellina is moving towards sustainability using The Natural Step Framework as a compass. Lees meer

Rohm and Haas, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Rohm and Haas is an international organisation, producing innovative technologies and solutions for the specialty materials industry. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company’s technologies are found in a wide range of markets including building and construction, electronics, food and personal care. In 2008, Rohm and Haas had revenues of approximately $9.6 billion USD. Lees meer

City of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the City of Saskatoon has identified the need for a decision-making culture that embraces sustainability principles and considers both long and short term impacts. In 2008, Saskatoon asked The Natural Step to review its internal decision-making and governance practices as well as the best practices of leading municipalities. Lees meer

One Million Acts of Green: The Okotoks-Airdrie Challenge

The City of Airdrie, Alberta, recently completed a community-wide visioning process as part of its municipal sustainability planning process, which is supported by The Natural Step. Since late 2008, Airdrie has been engaged in a good natured competition with the neighbouring Town of Okotoks to see which community can commit to more ‘acts of green’ as part of the CBC’s One Million Acts of Green challenge. Lees meer

Twin Ports, Minnesota and Wisconsin, United States

In the fall of 2008, 14 businesses and organizations from the Twin Ports communities of Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota committed to becoming ‘Early Adopters’ of sustainability. The Early Adopter organizations are taking part in a year-long program which includes six days of formal training, analysis of best practices in sustainability, networking and coaching. Lees meer

Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Canada

Sprawling across two 7,000-foot peaks in the Coast Mountains just north of Vancouver, British Columbia, Whistler Blackcomb is one of the world’s premier ski resorts. The resort's connection with The Natural Step began in March 2000 when members of the ski operation’s senior management team attended one of Dr. Karl-Henrik Robèrt’s community presentations. Lees meer

Accommodation and Real Estate Services, British Columbia, Canada

Accommodation and Real Estate Services (ARES) provides accomodation and real estate services to government ministries and broader public sector clients in British Columbia. Its portfolio of 1.6 million square meters of space includes office and residential buildings, courthouses, correctional centers, and other special purpose facilities. Lees meer

BC Hydro, Canada

BC Hydro is one of the largest electric utility companies in Canada, serving more than 1.7 million customers in the province of British Columbia. The company’s mandate of providing “reliable power, at low cost, for generations” captures its commitment to the triple bottom line of economic, social, and environmental performance. Lees meer

Aliant, Canada

Bell Aliant is one of North America’s largest regional communications providers serving customers from Newfoundland and Labrador through to Ontario and beyond. The company is committed to integrating long-term economic, environmental and social considerations into its business operations. Lees meer

Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

Working alongside the Centre for Rural Sustainability and The Natural Step, the town created the Wolfville Sustainability Initiative (WSI), which was given the mandate of helping the town of Wolfville, its businesses, community members and municipal government minimize their respective ecological impacts while enhancing Wolfville’s social and cultural uniqueness. Lees meer

Hot Pyjama Productions Ltd, New Zealand

Hot Pyjama Productions Ltd is a small Christchurch graphic communications company offering design, print production and website development services. Hot Pyjama Productions works with a broad client base, the majority of which are based in the Canterbury region of New Zealand. Lees meer

Phoenix Organic Limited, New Zealand

Phoenix was the first company in New Zealand to adopt The Natural Step framework for sustainability. The company used the framework with good effect to guide its decision-making for sustainable growth in line with its brand values. Lees meer

Hastings District Council, New Zealand

Hastings District Council is looking to commit to an approach that will adopt the Natural Step framework as its key decision-making framework to plan for a sustainable future. Accredited TNS advisor Simon Harvey and Colin Bass of BusinessLAB have been working with both officers and councillors in Hastings to help the council understand how the Natural Step framework can be used by the local authority as a high-level decision making tool that ensures a systems-thinking approach for sustainable outcomes. Lees meer

Health Alliance, New Zealand

HealthAlliance is a company that was established by Counties Manukau and Waitemata District Health Boards, to provide shared services to those DHBs. One of the key services the organisation provides is procurement and supply chain management. TNS advisor Simon Harvey was recently engaged by Horst Fischer, Head of Procurement and Supply Chain, to work with his team at Health Alliance to begin developing a sustainable procurement framework. Lees meer

Sustainable Dublin, Ireland

The City of Dublin is the capital of Ireland and the country's largest city. With almost a third of Ireland’s population living in the greater Dublin area, the city’s staff are responsible for maintaining thousands of kilometers of roadways, water pipes and sewers. Since January 2008, Dublin City Council (DCC) has been working to mobilise the staff’s intelligence and creativity toward strategic, organisational sustainability using The Natural Step Framework. Lees meer

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is the largest luxury hotel company in North America, with a portfolio of 56 hotels around the world. The company also enjoys an international reputation as an environmental leader in the industry. Guided by its Green Partnership Program, an environmental initiative pioneered by its Canadian properties in 1990, the company received two prestigious awards in 2006 alone: the Global Tourism Business Award and the Worldwide Hospitality Award for Best Corporate Responsibility Program. Lees meer

Pret a Manger, United Kingdom

Pret A Manger is a UK-based fast food chain with a twist: sandwiches and salads are made in-house throughout each day using natural, preservative-free ingredients. In an industry full of big sandwich factories, and bland, highly processed foods, Pret’s unique formula is redefining the traditional wisdom on fast food – and its success is turning more than a few heads in the business world. Lees meer

Scandic Hotels, Sweden

Scandic Hotels is the largest hotel operator in the Nordic region, and one of Europe’s most successful hotel chains. The company operates over 145 hotels in nine countries - and hosts about eight million guests annually. Scandic has been working with The Natural Step (TNS) since 1994, when Scandic encountered economic problems and was looking to refocus its business. Lees meer

Bathurst Sustainable Development, Canada

The coastal city of Bathurst, New Brunswick, (population 12,714) is proving to be fertile ground for the development of strategic sustainability initiatives. In 1998, an organization called Bathurst Sustainable Development (BSD) was formed in response to growing local concerns over quality of life and water in the region. The project began with the goal of facilitating communication and action towards sustainability among businesses, the local government and the community. Lees meer

Antigonish Sustainable Development, Canada

The town and county of Antigonish are located in the province of Nova Scotia, on Canada’s east coast. The county has a population of about 22,000 people, with just over 4000 of them living in the Town of Antigonish itself. As home to St. Francis Xavier University and the longest-running Highland Games festival in North America, Antigonish already has an international reputation. Lees meer

Halifax Shambhala Centre, Canada

The Halifax Shambhala Centre is part of an international community dedicated to meditation and the establishment of an enlightened society. Since 1986, the Centre has offered meditation instruction, spiritual teachings, and community gatherings to its memberships, which now numbers close to 600 people. Lees meer

Ziptrek Ecotours, Canada

Ziptrek Ecotours uses the setting of the breathtaking coastal temperate rainforest to blend outdoor adventure with an enlightening ecology-based curriculum. Nestled between the stunning Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, Ziptrek provides guests with an inspiring and exhilerating journey along suspension bridges, observation platforms, and, of course, tree-top ziplines. Whether whipping along the steel cable ziplines at speeds nearing 100 km an hour or pausing on an observation deck in a 750 year old tree, the experience is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Lees meer

Local government in New Zealand

A growing number of local government organisations are discovering real value in using the Natural Step framework to ensure they adopt a sustainable development approach for their work, as required by the Local Government Act 2002. Local government organisations that have benefited from using the framework are listed below. Lees meer

ShoreBank Pacific, Ilwaco, Washington, USA

ShoreBank Pacific is a chartered commercial bank based in Ilwaco, Washington with its largest loan office in Portland, Oregon. It employs seventeen people and has assets of $80 million. It is the first commercial bank in the United States with a commitment to environmentally sustainable community development: "ShoreBank Pacific profitably assists businesses, and through them, their communities, to be sustainable in economic, social and environmental practices.” Lees meer

Portfolio 21 Investments, Portland, Oregon, USA

Portfolio 21 Investments (formerly Progressive Investment Management) is an investment management firm specializing in socially and environmentally responsible investing. Formed in Eugene, Oregon, in 1982, it offers investment management services for individuals and institutions, helping people invest in companies that align with their personal values. In 1999 Progressive created the Portfolio 21 mutual fund of companies focusing on sustainability. Lees meer

College Housing Northwest, Portland, Oregon, USA

After coming to Portland as CEO of what is now College Housing Northwest, Meddaugh was able to find a model that made sustainability meaningful and workable in a business environment. Through his friend John Emrick of Norm Thompson, he was invited by Dick and Jeanne Roy of The Northwest Earth Institute to attend one of the early Natural Step workshops in Portland. Lees meer

Axis Performance Advisors, Portland, Oregon, USA

In addition to its consulting work, Axis would, on occasion, host one-day think-tank meetings. In 1996, having heard about the concept of sustainability, it hosted a meeting on the subject. At that meeting Hitchcock had an “aha” experience when she realized that Axis was showing companies how to be more efficient and effective in depleting the planet’s resources. Lees meer

Ashforth Pacific, Inc., Portland, Oregon, USA

The Ashforth Company presently owns and manages upwards of 15 million square feet of office space, of which 1.5 million square feet is in Portland. In May 1999, API launched an environmental initiative based on its newly created environmental statement and the four system conditions of The Natural Step. Lees meer

IKEA Case Study

IKEA adopted The Natural Step (TNS) Framework as the basic structure for implementation of its environmental policy and plan. Using the TNS principles and system conditions, IKEA has made a number of changes affecting its products and services. This case describes many of the results of these changes, along with the issues and events that lead IKEA to adopting the TNS Framework and formulating an environmental plan. Lees meer

Rejuvenation, Inc., Portland, Oregon, USA

Rejuvenation has a long history of involvement in corporate responsibility programs based on the business philosophy of the owner. This involvement includes founding membership in the Oregon chapter of Business for Social Responsibility and employee “days of service” in the community. Three days are scheduled per year when employees can leave work to do a service project of their choice. Lees meer

Nike, Inc., Beaverton, Oregon, USA

The Natural Step began to work with Nike to help it apply the principles of sustainability to its business operations, and the company formalized its commitment to sustainable commerce with an official policy statement later that year. Hundreds of Nike employees were trained to use The Natural Step Framework between 1998 and 2001, leading to numerous innovative programs to further its sustainability goals. In 2008, Nike partnered with The Natural Step again to help assess and further develop its approach to product innovation by defining a long-term vision for sustainable products. The resulting North Star vision and innovation goals position Nike to become a leader in sustainable product innovation and navigate toward a sustainable future.
Lees meer


In October, Chad Park and Richard Blume represented The Natural Step at a press event in New York for the public launch of Nike’s Considered Design (“performance without compromising sustainability”). The Natural Step worked with Nike ten years ago to jump-start their earlier sustainability work and in 2008 we began helping them create a new set of innovation goals for their product lines. Lees meer

Norm Thompson, Portland, Oregon, USA

Norm Thompson has a history and corporate value of being a community citizen. Part of this value is recognizing its global responsibility to leave a healthy environment for future generations. The company addressed this environmental concern in 1994, when it began construction of its “green” corporate headquarters in Hillsboro, Oregon. Lees meer


Prior to the 1990s Electrolux was reactive and defensive about the environment. CFCs were becoming an industry issue, especially after the Montreal Protocol in 1987. The company was trying to find reasons not to change and was pointing to others around the world as worse violators than it. This strategy proved fruitless as the company began to see changes in market forces and demand for environmental goods in the early 1990s. Lees meer

Tualatin Valley Water District, Oregon, USA

Before coming to Tualatin Valley Water District, Cheryl Welch had founded Peacetree Environmentally Sound Paper and Printing, which became one of the first businesses in Portland to sell recycled paper. Jeanne and Dick Roy, who had brought The Natural Step to Oregon, were some of her first customers. In 2001, Welch was hired as a financial analyst by TVWD, and then quickly promoted to become the District’s first Sustainability Coordinator. Lees meer

The Collins Companies, Portland, Oregon, USA

In March 1996, Collins was one of only five U.S. companies (and the only forest products company) to receive the Sustainable Development Award from the President’s Council on Sustainability. Through the process of receiving this award, Jim Quinn, president and CEO of Collins, became acquainted with Molly Harriss Olson and Paul Hawken, founders of The Natural Step U.S. Shortly afterwards, Quinn was invited to attend a conference on The Natural Step in Sweden. Lees meer

Scandic Hotels

Scandic operates 125 hotels throughout Europe and is the market leader in Scandinavia, with annual revenues of approximately $500 million. The company is publicly held and employs approximately 7,000 people. Scandic began implementing The Natural Step in 1994 and has achieved significant results with the program in both financial and ecological terms. Lees meer

Sokol Blosser Winery, Dundee Hills, Oregon, USA

Although the winery founders considered themselves environmentalists, they began by farming conventionally. In doing so, they tried to choose the most benign chemicals, but nevertheless used synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. Gradually, the founders have integrated their environmental values with their farming and business practices. Now, the winery is well on its way to having an organic vineyard and sustainable practices in all of its operations. Lees meer

Hot Lips Pizza, Portland, Oregon, USA

Hot Lips Pizza is a small, three-store operation with 50 employees and $2 million in sales located in Portland, Oregon. To emerge from the struggle of the company’s first 12 years of existence, owner David Yudkin sought to establish a distinctive market position. He used the Natural Step principles to develop an approach to his business that saves him money while attracting higher caliber employees and loyal customers. Lees meer

SERA Architects, Portland, Oregon, USA

John Echlin joined the firm as design director in 1997. After having spent several years living and practicing architecture in Switzerland, Echlin was excited by emerging European trends that blended high-performance building with environmentally responsive design. He set a goal to lead the firm toward a new vision of sustainability, building on its existing strengths. Lees meer

Gerding/Edlen Development Company, LLC, Portland, Oregon, USA

Wilde strongly believes that pursuing sustainability has made good business sense, for Gerding/Edlen and its clients. The extra construction costs of the Brewery Blocks for green design were approximately $700,000. However, Gerding/Edlen was able to offset these costs two-fold with grants, assistance, and tax credits. The most obvious source of funds to offset the cost of energy improvement measures is the State of Oregon Business Energy Tax Credit (BETC). Lees meer

J.M. Bygg Construction, Sweden

The company board felt that environmental issues were growing as an important business issue. One issue in particular had been a well publicized case of "sickbuilding" syndrome in Sweden where a number of people had become ill from materials used to construct the buildings. It cost the companies involved millions of dollars to repair the buildings. JM didn't want the same thing to happen to it. JM decided it wanted to be the first construction company to take these issues head on and felt there was little PR or market value in being second. Managers liked the Natural Step because it wasn't so extreme and was understandable by business people. Lees meer

BOORA Archietcts, Portland, Oregon, USA

TNS gave us a banner to march behind. It enhanced the spirit that was already here and gave us order and direction. —Eric Miller, BOORA employee Overview BOORA Architects provides architecture, planning, and interior design services to clients throughout the United States and abroad. With one office in Portland, Oregon, BOORA currently has 85 employees and annual gross revenues in excess of $13 million. The firm’s projects include schools, theaters, museums, libraries, office buildings, and recreation facilities. Lees meer

Organically Grown Company, Eugene, Oregon, USA

Organically Grown Company adopted The Natural Step Framework to guide this transition to a sustainable business model. It has since trained all employees in The Framework, created four long-term goals, developed annual action plans and routinely evaluated its progress. The long-term goals include the elimination of carbon emissions, material and toxic waste, and promoting social development with their employees and farmers. Lees meer

OMSI – Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland, Oregon, USA

Inspired by The Natural Step Framework, Steuber invited AXIS Performance Advisors to help OMSI develop a steering committee to create and implement a sustainability plan. This plan includes goals of carbon neutrality, waste elimination, sustainably-produced exhibits, and sustainability education for museum visitors. OMSI’s initiatives include recycling and composting, efficient lighting and HVAC, and bioswales that filter stormwater runoff. Lees meer

A Sustainability Vision for the Automotive Services Industry

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) began development of the Automotive Eco-Logical Business Program to encourage automobile services and collision repair shops to take extra voluntary steps in protecting the environment. There was a desire in 2000 to expand this program beyond Portland and to investigate the feasibility of enhancing the program by adding a perspective of environmental sustainability based on the Natural Step framework. Lees meer

TriMet, Portland, Oregon, USA

In 2000 TriMet received a technical assistance grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help create and implement an environmental management system (EMS). Most recently this EMS has been enhanced with the use of the Natural Step framework to guide the agency toward a vision of full sustainability. Lees meer

City of Santa Monica, California, USA

The company hired to help re-write the conservation element, Rincon Consulting, proposed using The Natural Step’s (TNS) system conditions as a unifying framework for the document. This was accomplished by developing four core objectives for the conservation element modeled after the TNS system conditions. Each objective is followed by a set of policies, which were taken from the SCP. Lees meer

Eugene Water and Electric Board, Eugene, Oregon, USA

EWEB’s mission, culture, and internal policies were all aligned to reinforce and enhance EWEB’s efforts at doing business in a sustainable fashion. The environmental policy provided direction for the organization’s activities in accomplishing its mission. What still was needed was a framework that would tie all the different efforts together and provide a language and model for everyone in the organization. Lees meer

Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand

Otago Polytechnic is the inaugural corporate partner of the Natural Step in New Zealand and has used the Natural Step Framework to underpin its drive to educate graduates who are sustainable practitioners across the 160 degree, diploma and certificate courses delivered. Lees meer

North American Eco-Muni Network

Modeled after the established Swedish eco-municipality effort, a number of U.S. and Canadian organisations formed the North American Eco-Municipality Network (NAEMN). The NAEMN includes a growing list of municipal governments, academic institutions and non-profit organizations with the goal of creating more sustainable communities by sharing their expertise, resources and experiences with one another. Lees meer

Alcoa, Canada

The Natural Step (TNS) co-facilitated – via videoconference – a sustainability workshop for management and supervisory staff at the ABI plant in Bécancour, Québec who had already completed the eLearning course. The following year, TNS Canada facilitated a half-day workshop for Deschambault plant managers and supervisors that combined a group presentation of the eLearning course with additional interactive activities and a brainstorming session. Lees meer

Rio Tinto Alcan, Australia/Canada

The Natural Step Canada worked with the company’s Bauxite and Alumina (B&A) division to create a comprehensive and science-driven sustainability platform to help align their current activities and frame sustainability initiatives. Lees meer

The Co-operators, Canada

In 2006, The Co-operators invited The Natural Step Canada to help the organization integrate sustainability into its strategic planning. With a bold vision to be “a catalyst for a sustainable society,” The Co-operators charted a new strategic direction that would earn them the top spot on Corporate Knights Magazine’s 2011 list of “Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada. Lees meer

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada is a non-profit group that provides support to 250,000-plus members to better run their cooperative housing units. The Natural Step Canada worked closely with CHF Canada and a national task-force of co-operative housing members to fulfill their mandate of becoming "environmentally aware, environmentally active". Lees meer

Community Foundations of Canada

The Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is a non-profit organization that provides support to grassroots non-profit groups throughout Canada. It wanted to improve internal operations towards sustainability and provide leadership to their grantees around sustainability. Lees meer

Guidebook on Municipal Sustainability Planning, Canada

Recognizing the growing need for guidance on sustainability planning among their members, many of which face significant growth challenges, the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) hired The Natural Step Canada to help develop programs for municipal sustainability planning. Lees meer

Santropol Roulant

There were training and planning workshops with a core team of staff and volunteers. This spawned the Eco-Challenge/ Éco-Défi that outlines strategic actions for Santropol Roulant in eight areas and identifies several indicators to better document the organization’s progress. To learn more, visit Santropol Roulant’s website. Lees meer

Town of Olds, Canada

The Natural Step partnered with the town to support the development of the Olds Strategic Sustainability Plan (OSSP). It’s based on The Natural Step Framework and follows the guidelines in the Alberta Urban Municipal Association (AUMA) Municipal Sustainability Planning Guidebook. Lees meer

City of Airdrie, Canada

The City of Airdrie, just north of Calgary, is experiencing unprecedented growth with near doubling of real-estate prices. City Council, staff and citizens are increasingly interested in sustainable growth and development which has led the City to work with The Natural Step in creating a municipal sustainability plan, as part of its Sustainable Communities Program. Lees meer

Collingwood Region, Canada

With a common understanding and language of sustainability, participants will apply a systematic approach to evaluate programs, operations and policies using sustainability principles. The Natural Step Framework provides a context for making decisions and prioritizing the most strategic actions are in the short, medium and long-term. Lees meer

Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada

The Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is demonstrating leadership by assessing and continuously improving its own contribution to the health, vibrancy and sustainability of the community. In 2004, HRM commissioned The Natural Step Canada to perform a high-level baseline sustainability analysis using The Natural Step Framework. Lees meer

District of North Vancouver, Canada

The District of North Vancouver (DNV) wants to be recognized as one of the most sustainable communities in the world by 2020 and it has adopted The Natural Step Framework to help get there. The DNV has partnered with The Natural Step Canada to build staff capacity around the use of the Framework and to conduct a sustainability analysis of its own operations. Lees meer

City of Madison, Wisconsin

In 2006, Sustain Dane and 1000 Friends of Wisconsin, the two local non-profits, arranged for The Natural Step Canada to provide sustainability training for senior City of Madison employees. The training involved Sustainability: Step by Natural Step, our award-winning eLearning course followed by two in-person workshops with assigned homework in between. Lees meer

Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI)

Fourteen organizations across Atlantic Canada have come together to embed sustainability in the region with the Atlantic Canada Sustainability Initiative (ACSI). These partners, ranging from the major Atlantic telecom provider, a large municipal government to a local coffee shop have all taken on the challenge of modeling strategic sustainability using The Natural Step Framework. Lees meer


Panasonic brought in The Natural Step to help it move toward sustainability with a comprehensive, strategic approach. There are already substantial results. Panasonic has introduced a variety of products that save energy and reduce natural resource usage as well as products that prevent unnecessary introduction of hazardous material to the natural system (such as lead free plasma displays). Lees meer

The Oregon Natural Step Construction Industry Group

The Oregon Natural Step Construction Industry Groupis a taskforce set up to determine how to go beyond the “green building” concept. With The Natural Step Oregon’s help, the group created a vision of a fully sustainable commercial building and redefined the resource flows in the construction industry to achieve the vision. Lees meer


Riello is a European leader in heating and cooling systems for buildings. With 2,000 employees and 600 million Euros in annual revenue, the company saw a rapid change in their core markets, and realized the potential of repositioning to become a regenerative force and create opportunity. The Natural Step Italy helped Riello redefine its mission and vision in a highly collaborative and inclusive process whereby we consulted with Riello’s executives and R&D advisors plus 7,000 stakeholders. Lees meer

Morbegno 2020

Morbegno, a municipality of 11,000 near the Italian Alps central mountains, had a remarkable awareness about social sustainability and environmental issues, but it didn’t know how to translate that into everyday practices. Citizens wanted better education and they wanted to be leaders in cultural change. Morbegno asked The Natural Step Italy to help create this change. Lees meer

Groupe Millet

Groupe Millet is a family owned and operated custom door and window manufacturer with 650 employees and five sites in the Bretingnolles region of France. In 2005, motivated by a personal commitment to sustainable development and a desire to integrate sustainable development into the business strategy, the CEO contacted TNS France. He wanted his company to become ‘the Interface of France’. Lees meer

Hydro Polymers Limited

Hydro Polymers Limited, is the fourth largest polyvinyl chloride (PVC) manufacturer in Europe. The company made sustainability a priority in 1996 after Greenpeace UK, launched a national campaign to “Buy PVC-Free”. The bad press resulted in lower consumer and retailer confidence for products made with PVC and Hydro Polymers asked The Natural Step for help. Lees meer

Town of Canmore, Canada

Canmore, a mountain town in the Bow Valley in southern Alberta between Calgary and Banff has a permanent population of 11,500 and an additional seasonal population of 4,800. Canmore was the second Canadian community to implement The Natural Step’s community-wide engagement program (after Whistler, BC). Lees meer

Resort Municipality of Whistler, Canada

The Resort Municipality of Whistler was the first community in North America to adopt The Natural Step Framework. With its stunning natural beauty, tremendous growth challenges and upcoming 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Whistler has spent the last decade understanding what sustainability means in its specific context. Lees meer


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